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The Leadership Talent Group (LTG) partners with non-profit, faith-based, academic, children's, independent, senior services and health system entities across the United States. LTG’s knowledge base, operational expertise and professional network is unrivaled.

Our clients recognize LTG’s expertise and mastery in the development of original candidate research, passive candidate development, candidate cultural fit, diverse candidate slate compilation and timely search completion.

LTG’s consulting team has interviewed and presented thousands of executive candidates, resulting in hundreds of placements. Through disciplined interactions and keen observations, LTG has expertly branded The Five Stages of Executive Trajectory™, benchmarking a candidate's work history through this model's penetrating lens: problem solving, continuous improvement, value proposition, strategy and innovation.


Spanning the continuum of foundational learning and habits, self-development and evaluation, strengths and purpose, peak performance and reciprocation, and innovation and legacy, LTG’s model reveals how candidate career decisions, actions and experiences stand the test of time - diving deep to surface verifiable and sustainable candidate accomplishments that have perhaps challenged unforeseen incidents, confronted conventional pathways or even connected disparate events, all while navigating business demands and cycles, the hallmarks of executive success.

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